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Yellow Teeth

Did you stop smiling because of your yellow teeth?

If the above is true, then welcome to the club. 

Although usually harmless, yellow teeth also signal the presence of other potential health issues like osteoporosis and weak bones, diabetes, and kidney disease. 

So before things get out of hand, if you have yellow teeth… maybe it’s time to see a dentist in Ealing for white teeth!

The Cause of Yellow Teeth


To understand why some people get yellow teeth and others don’t, you must understand the chemical process behind teeth discoloration. 

There are two main culprits behind yellow teeth – staining by external agents like coffee and cigarette smoke and staining caused by internal chemical agents like food breakdown products. 

The latter is caused by excess fluoride and is called fluorosis. Fluoride, while important for dental health, can also cause yellow teeth.

 Fluoride helps keep teeth strong and wards off tooth decay. It can be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, water, and dental treatments. It’s particularly prevalent in water in areas with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride.

You’re probably eating too much sugar


Sugar, especially in sugary drinks, contributes significantly to yellow teeth. In addition, the bacteria that feed on sugar produce a dark-coloured substance called plaque, especially on teeth.

 If this plaque is not cleaned, it can harden and become tartar, even harder to remove from teeth. 

While some plaque and tartar cannot be avoided, you can minimize their impact by brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, and getting regular teeth cleanings from the dentist.


Your diet includes too many soft foods and drinks


Foods and drinks with a high water content — fresh fruits, ice cream, smoothies, and even water — can stain your teeth if left on them for too long. Like sugar, these foods can contribute to the formation of plaque, which can lead to tartar and yellow teeth.


Root canal treatment is the underlying issue


If your teeth are discoloured, it is unlikely that just applying toothpaste will solve the problem. A visit to the dentist is necessary. You would have to go to a dentist in Ealing to identify the cause of yellow teeth.


Other potential dental problems that cause yellow teeth:

Dental caries

This is also known as tooth decay, which can cause your teeth to discolour. The bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay feed on sugary and starchy foods, so consuming these foods can cause your teeth to discolour and become stained. 

Dental fluorosis

This is a condition caused by excessive fluoride, particularly in children. It can cause discolouration of your teeth, usually yellow or brown staining. 

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can signify that you have gum disease, which can also cause yellow teeth.




How much does it cost to fix yellow or discoloured teeth?


The cost of treating yellow or discoloured teeth will depend on the treatment your dentist recommends. At Stunning Smile Clinic, we look beyond your teeth’s appearance and assess your overall oral health first.


What does it mean if you have yellow or discoloured teeth?


There are many contributing factors to yellow or discoloured teeth, and your dentist would be best placed to advise on the cause and recommended treatment.   If you have concerns about yellow or discoloured teeth, we recommend you book an appointment with a Stunning Smile Clinic dentist.


How do you get rid of yellow or discoloured teeth?


Yellow or discoloured teeth need to be assessed to determine the contributing factors. Whilst you can be treated at a regular clean appointment, you may require professional whitening treatments to make a difference to your smile. A dentist is the most qualified person to examine and identify the cause of your discolouration. Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone, so consult a dentist first. Book an appointment at your local Stunning Smile Clinic.


Can you prevent yellow teeth?


Yes. It all comes down to taking care of your oral health with a combination of at-home dental care and building a regular relationship with your dentist or dental hygienist. 


We recommend daily healthy habits and regular visits to your dentist. For a healthy smile and overall good oral health:


  • Practice good oral hygiene including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily.
  • Book routine hygiene & check-up visits with a dentist or dental hygienist every 6 months or as advised by your dentist.
  • Maintain a health lifestyle by avoding tabacco use and excess consumption of coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Try switching out some of your daily drinks for water instead.


I’m anxious about visiting the dentist


We understand that some people feel anxious about visiting the dentist. At Stunning Smile Clinic, we work hard to make you feel comfortable and create safe and welcoming environments. We also believe that communication is key and invite you to share any concerns prior or upon arrival.


Take Action!

What are you waiting for? Contact a dentist today. Don’t let your dental problems affect the way you live. Get treated to obtain a white and bright smile.

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