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Many people get mouth ulcers from time to time. They are usually small sores on the gums, inside of lips, or tongue and are typically not very painful. However, they can be bothersome, especially when it comes to eating, drinking, and talking. They tend to come and go quickly, lasting no more than a few days, but they can still be annoying. Read on to learn more about the causes and symptoms of mouth ulcers in more detail.

Some Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers


Mouth ulcers can appear as small sores, most commonly on the gums, tongue, inside of the lips, or on the roof of the mouth. However, they can also be found in the other areas of the mouth. Mouth ulcers are usually not painful, but they can be very painful when they appear on sites inside the mouth. This can be especially painful if it occurs on the tongue. 


Generally, mouth ulcers go away within a week. Some, however, can last for months and recur often. While each case is slightly different, some common symptoms of mouth ulcers include:


  • Small, sometimes painful sores anywhere in the mouth.
  • Irritation of the sores when eating salty, sour, or spicy foods.
  • Issues with tenderness and pain during eating, drinking, or brushing teeth.

The Most Common Causes of Mouth Ulcers


There are many reasons you may be experiencing mouth ulcers. For example, you might be suffering from an infection, or your immune system might be weakened. However, many different things could cause mouth ulcers, most of which are avoidable. Here are some of the most common causes of mouth ulcers. 


  • Accidentally biting the inside of your mouth while talking, eating, drinking, etc.
  • Poor overall oral hygiene practices
  • A reaction to certain medications
  • Consuming hot food or drink and burning your mouth
  • Consistent high levels of stress
  • Brushing teeth vigorously

When you Should see a Dentist


There’s no specific time frame for when you should see a dentist if you have a mouth ulcer. If you only get them occasionally from biting your lips, consuming hot food or drink, or another cause you can directly link the ulcer to, then you do not necessarily have to visit a dentist if it goes away normally. However, you should see a dentist in Ealing if you experience:


  1. More than a typical amount of pain on or around the site of the ulcer


  1. Pain lasting for longer than two consecutive days


  1. Ulcers appearing in your mouth frequently, especially if you don’t know the cause



Mouth ulcers are painful, frustrating, and can be very embarrassing. Mouth ulcers can interfere with your ability to eat, drink, and talk. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat and prevent mouth ulcers. Practising good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to avoid getting mouth ulcers. 


It may not be an issue if you experience mouth ulcers occasionally and they go away normally. However, if you find that you are experiencing painful ulcers that do not go away, you should see a dentist. They can help you identify the cause of your ulcers and treat them.



What are My Treatment Options if I have Mouth Ulcers?

There are a couple of different medications you can take that can aid in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. We highly encourage you to speak with your dentist about which treatment option would be best for you.


Can Mouth Ulcers be Treated at Home?

Generally, mouth ulcers will heal within a week or two, all on their own. However, if your mouth ulcers do not go away in that time, you should speak with a dentist to figure out the root of the issue.


I Feel Anxious About Visiting a Dentist.

We completely understand that visiting the dentist can be a very nerve-wracking experience for some. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment where you can feel safe in our office. We are very transparent with our practices and continually work to communicate and share any concerns with you.



Learn more about some possible treatment options with your local Ealing Dental practice. We recommend you book an appointment with our dentist in West Ealing to further discuss, so we can provide expert advice on getting your mouth on track.

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