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White Fillings Ealing

The Latest White Composite Technology.

Traditionally dental amalgams or metal fillings were used as a matter of course. At Stunning Smile Clinic we exclusively use only white and tooth coloured materials that are less obvious.

Composite & White Fillings
Composite & White Fillings West Ealing

White and tooth coloured fillings are made of composite resin, which is a plastic and glass mixture. This resin can be made up to match the colour of your natural teeth so it is almost invisible when smiling. The composite resin is prepared and then your dentist in West Ealing, London places it in layers, typically using a light specialised to cement harden each layer. When the resin is set in place, the dentist will shape the composite to fit the tooth. Then it can be polished to give a shiny, smooth finish and to prevent staining and early wear.

Our West Ealing dentists only use premium trusted dental fillings which have been researched and tested to ensure the quality and safety of your treatment.

All of our dentists who are members of the GDC and CQC approved, giving you the highest quality treatment with an affordable price-tag.

When cavities develop in the teeth over time, food can collect in them and slowly decay, this can lead to an abscess or tooth decay. Fillings are used to plug the cavity, strengthen the structure of the tooth and prevent tooth decay.