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Dental Check-ups in Ealing

A check-up allows our dentist in Ealing  to see if you have any dental problems and helps you keep your mouth healthy. Leaving problems untreated could make them more difficult to treat in the future, so it’s best to deal with problems early, or, if possible, prevent them altogether.


  • Detect problems early on so you can prevent the majority of teeth and gum disease complications which will save you unnecessary discomfort, time, money and complex treatment.
  • Remove problematic build-ups of plaque and tartar which cause bad breath and stained looking teeth
  • Receive a professional clean to remove ugly stains and refresh your smile
  • Receive a thorough exam by a dentist and X-rays if necessary
  • Receive expert consultation and either immediate treatment or a treatment plan if complications are identified
  • Leave with a beautiful, clean smile and fresh mouth
dental check up in ealing, london
Dental Check-ups in West Ealing

Our receptionists will welcome you when you first arrive at our practice. There will be a welcome pack with some forms to fill in – we can always do this with you, whilst you have a drink and also take a tour of the practice.

Your West Ealing dentist will then greet you in the lounge area and invite you to discuss your specific dental needs and desired outcomes.

Following a dental examination (which may include x-rays), we will discuss a personalised treatment plan tailored to your requirements. We will explain all options and costs, and you will be involved in the decision-making on how best to proceed.

When you are happy with the proposed treatment, your personal Treatment Coordinator will arrange the appointments with you and answer any other questions about the practice. You will, of course, be provided with a written copy of your treatment plan and the associated dental fees.


Contact Stunning Smile Clinic on ✆ 020 8840 4472 today to book your next dental check up. today to book your next dental check up.


Maria Rita Massaro​

Doctor Dariush and his team are amazing. They are kind, gentle human beings and extremely competent and knowledgeable professionals. The clinic and the equipment is new and extremely clean and tidy. The treatment received made me super happy, Dr Hoyshar is a perfectionist and he won’t give up until we reach the optimal result.

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Miguel Pcn ​ 

Fantastic inexpensive dentistry services in Ealing. Accidentally found the only dentist open on Weekends and with flexible appointment times. Dr Dariush and his very friendly assistant completed the ‘scale and polish’ plus some xrays and general cleaning at a very timely manner. I will certainly stick to them as and when any of my dentistry servicing may be required. Very trustworthy. Many thanks to SSS Clinic.

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Noemi Konya 

I’ve just been for my Invisalign assessment, the staff is very professional and friendly, nice and clean environment, I would definitely recommend this clinic for any treatments.

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