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Missing Teeth? We can help fill the gap!

Missing teeth can be a significant blow to your confidence. But the good news is that dentists and dental labs have made amazing strides in cosmetic dentistry. You don’t need to feel self-conscious about missing teeth anymore! The bad news is tooth loss often comes from gum disease, cavities, trauma, or age. You can regain your smile and feel confident again with the proper treatment. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about missing teeth and how to get treatment.

What Is Tooth Loss?


Tooth loss is the condition of missing teeth. The loss can be due to dental disease (such as periodontal disease or cavities), trauma, or age. In addition, tooth loss can be partial (only some teeth are missing) or complete (all teeth are missing). People who have experienced tooth loss often feel their self-confidence is diminished. This can negatively affect all aspects of your life, career, social life, and relationships. However, several tooth replacement options are available to help you regain your self-confidence and quality of life. But how do you treat tooth loss?

Symptoms and Causes


If you have one or more teeth missing, your mouth will appear smaller. Tooth loss can make it difficult to eat certain foods, drink certain liquids, and brush your teeth. Though it may not seem like a big deal at first, missing teeth can result in many complications, including dental diseases, cavities, and gum disease. When you have tooth decay, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and other treatments to help prevent an infection. But if it goes untreated, tooth decay can lead to abscesses, which are a serious condition that requires medical attention and surgery. Missing teeth can also cause facial drooping, especially when eating certain foods. If you have a cavity or another dental issue, the food may end up on your teeth, which can damage them even further. Bad habits like smoking, drinking too much water, and chewing gum can also lead to tooth loss.


Treatment Options


Dental Implants


If you are missing teeth, there are a variety of ways to replace them. Replacing missing teeth can help improve your oral health, self-confidence, and overall quality of life. Dental implants are long-term dental solutions that replace missing teeth. They are artificial teeth that are placed into your jaw bone, and they provide a strong and natural-looking tooth. Dental implants have many benefits, including a more natural-looking smile, improved oral health, and increased self-confidence.


Fixed Prostheses (Partials)


If you are missing some teeth, you may want to consider getting fixed partial dentures. A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth. A partial denture is placed either on your remaining teeth or on dental implants. A partial denture can help you replace missing teeth and improve your oral health. However, it may not help boost your confidence like a fixed partial denture may. A fixed partial denture is a dental appliance that is permanently placed in your mouth. It is attached to your natural teeth and replaces your missing teeth. A fixed partial denture is a more long-term solution that can improve your oral health and help boost your self-confidence.

Facts and Questions

Can I prevent tooth loss?


You can help prevent tooth loss by keeping good oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth twice a day, using mouthwash and flossing as well as visiting your dentist every six months for a check up. 


How much will it cost to replace a tooth?


The cost of replacing a tooth differs depending on the size of the gap left behind and other contributing factors. Your dentist will discuss the price with you before beginning treatment.


What should I do if I lose a tooth?


We recommend that you make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist will be able to advise on the best course of treatment for you.



What if I don’t like visiting the dentist?


It is understandable to be nervous about visiting the dentist, but there is nothing to worry about. Your dentist will be very understanding of this and can talk you through exactly what will happen if that is something that will make you feel more comfortable. 


Learn more about some possible treatment options with your local Ealing Dental practice. We recommend you book a FREE consultation with our dentist in West Ealing to further discuss, so we can provide expert advice on getting your mouth on track.

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