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Wishing for a restful night’s sleep? When your throat and some of the muscles in your airway relax while you’re sleeping, you get obstructive sleep apnoea, which causes you to stop breathing briefly.

We want to help you receive the rest your body needs at night so that you can unwind and recharge. Sleep apnoea can induce snoring, which if ignored, can result in more serious health problems. At our dentistry office, we want to collaborate with you to identify the root reasons of your sleep problems and assist you in regaining a good night’s rest.

Your throat muscles may relax to the point where the airway shuts while you are snoring during the night and are in a deep slumber. You will keep trying to breathe, but since no air is getting into your lungs, your blood’s oxygen level will drop, causing you to wake up periodically during the night. You might not even be aware that these sleep disruptions are happening often.

Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea


The following signs may be present when you’re trying to sleep:

  • Loud snoring
  • Breathing heavily when you sleep
  • Insomnia


When you are awake, you may be displaying some of the symptoms listed below:

  • Headaches
  • Experiencing morning dry mouth
  • Fatigue and difficulties concentrating
  • Irritability

Causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are caused by a variety of conditions, including:

  • Muscle alterations
  • Physical impediments
  • Brain activity

Typical risk factors for developing sleep apnea include:

  • Turning over in bed
  • Obesity
  • Using tobacco
  • Larger circumference of the neck

What Are Sleep Apnoea Appliances?


To assist treat your sleep apnea or other related sleeping issues, we provide sleep apnoea appliances. To keep your airways open and enable regular breathing, these devices are worn at night to hold your mouth forward.

Your dentist will fit any special sleep apnoea equipment you may need. These devices, which are far more portable and simple to maintain than conventional sleep apnoea treatments like CPAP machines, could be the right choice for you.

What’s Next?


We advise making an appointment with one of our dentists to further discuss your oral health and receive professional assistance on achieving the smile of your dreams.



Can my snoring be treated by a dentist?

We think it’s important to analyse your entire oral health and look for problems that go beyond your teeth. A sleep study and further evaluation by a professional may be required in some sleep apnoea situations. To ensure that you receive the best possible care, we advise that you discuss this with your dentist.


Going to the dentist makes me anxious

We are aware that some people have anxiety before going to the dentist, therefore we put a lot of effort to make you feel at ease and to provide a friendly, secure atmosphere. We also think that it’s important to communicate, therefore we welcome you to do so before or after your visit if you have any worries.


What are the prices of sleep apnoea appliances?

The type and length of therapy required will affect how much a sleep apnea dental appliance costs. Your appliance could be protected by your health insurance plan. Discuss the best treatment option at your appointment with your dentist, and we’ll be able to give you an estimated cost.

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