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Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple Dental Implants in Ealing

If you are missing multiple teeth, you can consider an implant-supported bridge at Stunning Smile Clinic in Ealing.


Dental implants are often preferred over a conventional bridge or removable partial denture because they provide optimal comfort and chewing function in the long term.

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What are the advantages of an implant-supported bridge?

  • Look and feel like your natural teeth
  • Optimal comfort and chewing function
  • Helps keep bone intact

Dental implants are a long-term tooth replacement solution that looks, feels, and acts like your natural teeth. They can replace multiple teeth without support from other teeth. A bridge would otherwise need to be cemented to neighbouring teeth, which requires removing tooth structure.

An implant-supported bridge will replace both your missing teeth and some of the roots. This provides excellent stability for chewing and helps keep your jaw bone and face structure intact. Gums and bone will recede around a conventional bridge or removable partial denture over time. This can leave a visible defect in your smile and cause the face to appear sunken.

By choosing dental implants offered by implant dentists in Ealing, you won’t need to worry about securing your denture to the gums or having it come loose when you eat or talk. You will be able to clean them like your natural teeth, and you can return to eating all foods – even apples and corn on the cob!

Find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants with our FREE Virtual Or In-Clinic Smile Evaluation.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a suitable option for people of any age. If you are healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you can have an implant placed. Our implant dentist in Ealing may even place implants immediately after extraction.

Certain health conditions and medications, including tobacco use, can lower the success rate of dental implants. Our dentists will assess your suitability for implants during your consultation and take X-rays or a CBCT scan to ensure that you have adequate bone density. If your bone height or thickness is insufficient, they may recommend bone grafting.

If you are considering replacing missing teeth or a partial denture with dental implants, contact our friendly team in Ealing to request a free consultation.

Payment Plan & Financing Options

At Stunning Smile Clinic, we are proud to offer our patients finance and payment plan, so they can get the dental treatment they need.

Doug SueDoug Sue
13:41 20 Nov 23
I’ve always had fantastic treatment from Dariush in whom I have total confidence. I am very happy with my latest treatment, a Cerec crown, a pain free experience. An implant he did for me many years ago has been extremely successful and problem free.
R KhoshnawR Khoshnaw
10:39 18 Nov 23
Thank you so much for all your empathy, precisions, focus, care and concerns. Great hygienists I have to say. Riz
Tahir IslamTahir Islam
19:43 14 Nov 23
Dr Dariush is the best dentist and also very friendly
Doctor AbukarDoctor Abukar
18:06 03 Nov 23
I had a really good experience, the staff were very professional and knowledgable! The receptionist Chardy was amazing and very friendly! Would definitely recommend
Galyna CareyGalyna Carey
19:12 31 Aug 23
Dr Dariush is great. He is very attentive and thorough. He always advises on options and prices and uses highest quality materials. He has a gentle approach and has been looking after my teeth for years now. I would not go anywhere else as I feel confident being treated by him. Highly recommend!
Martin PavierMartin Pavier
09:33 16 Jul 23
I attended the clinic needing an implant to replace a tooth that had been extracted 4 years earlier. There was bone loss on both teeth next to the the extracted tooth but dr Darius managed to place an implant in my lower jaw without a bone graft or impact on the lower nerves. The implant is perfect.After the implant he recommended fillings on other teeth where previous dentists had failed. All fillings have been successful and i have a full set of teeth again.Dr Darius carried out all the operations with great professionalism and care.
Mia GeraceMia Gerace
17:47 23 May 23
I can never thank Dr Dariush enough for his professionalism, kindness and care. He goes beyond his duties to make sure you are treated like one of the family. It’s not just a job, it’s his passion and he loves his clients to the extent he will always choose the most cost effective option for the patient rather than benefit his business. It’s very rare to find a professional with such amazing morals. I trust him with my eyes closed and would recommend everyone and anyone.

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