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Dental Crowns in Ealing

A crown is a type of dental restoration used to fix teeth that have been broken, weakened by decay, or have a very large filling. The crown fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. It will also be tooth coloured, giving the restoration a more natural appearance so it fits in with the rest of your teeth.


A crown could be a good solution for you if you have some discoloured fillings and would like to improve their appearance. Crowns can be used to replace these to give you a more aesthetic smile. Also, if you have had root canal treatment you will need a crown to protect or cap the restored tooth, allowing you to eat and bite down on it as if it was a real tooth. Crowns are also used to anchor a bridge or denture firmly in place in the mouth.

Composite Bonding in Ealing


The problem tooth will require reducing down so the crown can fit over it. Then your dentist in West Ealing will make an impression of your teeth and gums. This is to enable a lab to make the dental crown exactly to suit your tooth. You will receive a temporary crown, to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. At your next appointment with Stunning Smile Clinic, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown onto the tooth.



The aim is to have your new crown look exactly the same as your natural tooth. This is the reason for the impression. It allows the dentist to craft the look of your smile, he will consider the colour, bite, shape and length of your natural teeth. You can let your dentist know what look you want for your crown. Your teeth will be more attractive and stronger after the procedure.



A crown will need the dentist to remove more of the tooth than a veneer, so they cover more of the tooth than veneers. Crowns are usually used for teeth that have sustained significant loss of structure or to replace missing teeth. Crowns can be placed on natural teeth or dental implants.



Just like natural teeth, it depends upon your dental hygiene and how well you take care of them. They should last five to eight years, but with good care and maintenance, most crowns will last for much longer. Things that can shorten the life of a crown include grinding your teeth, chewing ice and fingernail biting.