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Facial Rejuvenation

Botox Treatments for frown, worry lines and crow's feet

Lines and Wrinkles around the face can develop over time and cause us to look older than we really feel. The treatment we all know as Botox® (botulinum toxin) has been formally approved for cosmetic use to reduce these lines and exaggerated facial expression lines.

Botox is used in over 2 million people in the UK every year for wrinkle treatment and has been around for more than 20 years primarily used for medical conditions previously.

It is safe, effective, and quick with a few injections under the skin. Dr Peyman at is highly trained in Botox® wrinkle treatment injection techniques using very fine needles that cause virtually no pain.

How can Botox® help me? – Botox® is a safe, naturally occurring substance that causes muscle relaxation typically lasting three to four months. In high doses, Botox® will weaken muscles substantially, while in lower doses, the relaxation and weakening are subtle. These effects can be harnessed by your cosmetic professional to improve frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes, horizontal lines in the forehead, and eyebrow height and shape. Botox® can also be used to treat vertical lip lines, down-turn at the lips, and twitching or spasm of the eyelids, cheeks, and face.

How is Botox® administered? – After reviewing your specific concerns and medical history, Dr Peyman will advise you of the best uses for Botox® in your situation. It is injected with a tiny needle directly into the muscle(s) causing wrinkles and spasms to relax. Mildly uncomfortable, the injections take only a few seconds. Effects begin to be visible at two or three days and usually fully evident in one week. Bruising rarely occurs and fades naturally. Improvements in facial appearance and muscle relaxation typically last three to four months.

What are the risks? – Bruising can occur with any injection. Infection is extremely uncommon as the procedure is done in a strictly controlled environment. Botox® can rarely induce weakness in a nearby muscle, causing asymmetry, or a droopy eyelid or lip. To minimise this risk, your cosmetic professional at Stunning Smile clinic will recommend that you avoid touching the injected areas for several hours so that the Botox® will bind to the intended muscles only.

Dermal Facial Fillers for wrinkles and aging

Dermal Fillers are a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment provided by Dr Peyman to achieve smoother and more youthful skin. The skin loses its natural elasticity and the smooth complexion we tend to take for granted. Your skin’s aging process is determined by your genetics, but the process is always accelerated by a poor diet, pollution, smoking, and sun damage.

How can facial fillers help me? – Commonly used facial fillers include a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid which is already present in your skin. This treatment can be used to improve lip shape and size, creases around the mouth, frown lines between the eyebrows, facial scars, and dark circles below the eyes.

How are dermal fillers administered? – After reviewing your specific concerns and medical history, Dr Peyman will advise you about the best uses for facial dermal fillers for your situation. Fillers are injected with a tiny needle directly into the area of concern, sometimes with ice, anesthetic cream, or anesthetic block injections to minimise discomfort. Effects are visible immediately, but mild local swelling occurs rapidly and lasts for about 24 hours. Effects last six to twelve months.

What are the risks? – Bruising infrequently occurs and fades naturally. Mild local swelling occurs very rapidly and lasts for about 24 hours. Facial fillers can also cause asymmetry and rarely a local sensitivity reaction.

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