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Emergency Dental Care in Ealing: 4 Tips from a Dentist to Handle Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are the last thing anyone plans for, but they are inevitable. Whether it is a knocked-out tooth during an intense football game, biting your tongue too hard, or tripping and chipping a tooth, you must be prepared for the worst. Having the right information is crucial to tackle pain, prevent further injuries, and reduce treatment costs.

As experts in dental care, the Stunning Smile Clinic in Ealing, West London, urges all patients to call and book an appointment to get adequate care for dental emergencies.


To this end, we present four tips from an emergency dentist that you need to remember:


Avoid exerting pressure

When a tooth is loose, it may be tempting to rip it out and move on. However, this is a bad idea that you should avoid. Pulling a loose tooth is not the same as ripping off a band-aid. Putting undue pressure on a loose tooth and the surrounding area may worsen the situation. The tissues might suffer more damage, leading to costly and extensive treatment. If a dental emergency occurs, you must be gentle and patient, and avoid applying any form of pressure on the oral cavity.


Attempt to stop the bleeding

Moderate bleeding can be reduced by rinsing the mouth with warm water. The warm water rinse will help reduce the bleeding and relax oral tissues. However, in severe cases, it is advisable to apply a clean cotton cloth over the area with moderate pressure. The cloth or cotton should be kept there for a while until the blood clots. After the blood clots, proceed to clean the mouth gently with warm water.


Use saltwater rinse

Saltwater rinse is a quick fix for many dental issues. It soothes oral tissues, acts as a muscle relaxant, and provides relief from pain. With any dental injury, there is always a risk of infection. In the case of an abscess, rinsing the mouth with warm saline water is also effective. The solution will draw the pus out and alleviate discomfort. Patients can use cotton to clean the affected area and keep it free of irritants.


Avoid eating and drinking

During a dental emergency, patients must avoid eating and drinking until they have been checked by an emergency dentist Ealing and received necessary instructions on food. Besides water, patients should avoid drinking anything else. Taking foods or fluids can worsen the damage, increase pain, and cause further irritation. Chewing places undue pressure on the tooth, and if there is a simple tooth fracture, for instance, the tooth may eventually fall apart. Therefore, patients must keep their mouth relaxed and at rest.


In conclusion, dental emergencies may not be likely, but being prepared and knowing what to do can make a significant difference in saving your tooth. At Stunning Smile Clinic, Ealing, West London, we encourage all patients to call and book an appointment for adequate care during dental emergencies. Remember, alleviating pain and symptoms is the primary goal of emergency dental care. The dentist will examine the situation and recommend a suitable treatment to prevent further damage.

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